Free standing awning


• Straight walls offer great space
• Bathtub floor attachable with toggle & ring system
Divisible veranda front fully to open
2 crystal clear windows with zipped vario cover
• Mesh window with zipped vario cover
4 detachable safety storm bands
• Divisible 50/50 roll away connection door with Easy Stow Away pocket
• Optional inner tent 14161

Attachment tunnel

• Connection height 180-240 cm extendable by zipper
• Connection width 245 cm
• Doouble kador strip 5,8/7,2 mm
• Sleeve pole and 3 clamps
3 touch fastener roof bar attachment tabs
• 3 extra wide 5 cm quick fix roof bands
• Drive away zip system
• Rear porch with 2 entries
• Roll away attachment tunnel

• Steel rear link annex pole 16 mm
Zipper SBS # 10
• 150D Polyester compressions pack sac


Classical self-supporting awning in steel frame construction offer great space and stability. Linked in detachable easy to clean groundsheet and mud flaps all around keeps dirt out. The front door can unzipped to the midpoint or fully across. Mesh screen window with extra strong, tear resistant 150D “Superfine” mesh increase permanent airflow within your tent. Zip up blinds easy to zip from inside to meet all conditions preventing condensation. Two clear windows for brightness. Zip up blinds for privacy.

Divisible zipped roll-away door connection panel. Extra strong zips with rain flap for waterproofness. Hi visible robust click on storm straps and guy lines.

Roll Away Connection Tunnel
Quick and easy when you drive away. Roll back the tunnel to secure.
Roof connection length 245cm. Attachment height 180-240 cm adjustable by zipper and straps. Side access via doors positions each side of connection tunnel.
Our practical “Drive Away Zip system” makes it easy to attach-detach the awning. The drive away awning include a fixed double kador strip with zipper. Feed in the kador strip into to kador system of your vehicle and connect both elements with the zipper.

Multiple attachments
1- Sleeve for pole bar and clamps or guy lines
2- Pre- attached double kador strip 5,8/7,2mm
3- Three touch fastener for roof bar attachments.
4- Three “quick fix” on over vehicle webbing straps (max attachment height 240cm)



Light grey-dark grey-lime


Fly sheet:
150D HYPERTEX Polyester PU, 4.000mm, seam taped

Ground sheet:
Polyethylene ground sheet
PVC mud flap 

150D Polyester 120 gr2 Super Strong Gaze

Steel 22mm




€ 529,95