Fly sheet:
190T Polyester PU, 3.000 mm

Roof supporting pole 19 / 16 mm
Fiberglass 11 mm


Light grey-dark grey-blue


Self supporting lightweight awning

• Steel roof bar 19 mm
• 2 Crystal clear windows with cover
• Side entry with mesh window
• Mudflap
• 2 adjustable roof supporting poles
• 50/50 roll away rear porch
• Double kador strip 5,8/7,2 mm
• Pole and 3 clamps
• 3 touch fastener roof bar attachment tabs
• Rear porch height 180-220 cm

• Zipped carry bag
• Seam sealed


The Avio is a compact and lightweight self- supporting awning. Great for short trips. Crystal clear windows with privacy covers. Side door and mesh windows. Mud flaps all around keeps dirt out. Divisible zipped roll- away door connection panel. Two adjustable roof bars for more stability. Extra strong zips. Rear porch with attached kador strips 5,8/7,2mm. Designed to fit 180-220cm vehicle.

Porch fixations
Kador strips 5,8/7,2mm. Most common connection to vehicle Pole and three clamp kit sleeve. For vehicle without kador rail Touch fastener roof bar attachments. Wrap around the vehicle roof bars. Quick and easy Pole and guy line sleeve. Most simple connection.




€ 229,95